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Tropical Flora

Daylily (Hemerocallis)   this “tawny orange” blooms twice a year or when it feels like it This Podocarpus is native to Japan and provides decorative foliage This Daylily blooms in spring through fall and this particular one is “shell pink Here a Livistona, native to China is also known as a Chinese Fountain Palm Hibiscus is native to Hawaii.  This variety is known as the “Southern Belle Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus) is native to Africa and produces beautiful flowers. Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia) has a short bloom cycle but what a show. Variegated Flax (Linum) provides excellent background texture. Golden Goddess Bamboo is a graceful and dense screen plant. Daylily “Burnt Orange” in full bloom. Pathway through several species of tropical foliage. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) spectacular flowers and startling like tropical birds. Princess Tree adjacent to The Grand Resort Pool entrance (Euonymus Japonica) is highly valued for is texture and form. Giant Bird of Paradise Floral envelope is purplish grey; flower is white with dark blue tongue. Morning Glory (Convolvulus) beautiful blue flowers attract hummingbirds. This hybrid Daylily is open to attract butterflies. Split Leaf (Philodendron) known for their attractive glossy leaves. This daylily is aptly named “Pardon Me” This row of Lily of the Nile creates an outstanding border. This cluster of yellow Daylilies welcomes you home. A pair of white Agapanthus reaching for the sky. A Day Lily showing off its red influence. A trio of African Iris (Dietes) in full bloom Variegated Flax in cream and light green. A pair of Australian Tree Ferns (Cyathea Cooperia) Purple Hibiscus in the rain. Lily of the Nile calling to the hummingbirds. Bamboo in the morning light. Australian Tree Fern valued for its delicate and refined style. An embarrassment of Split Leaf Philodendron.  A Windmill Palm in all its majesty. A Bouquet of Yellow Daylilies. This African Iris species is known as “Lemon Drop” A lone White Agapanthus searching for sunlight. A trio of California Poppies blooming. A New Zeeland Tree Fern showing off its whimsical nature. Giant Birds of Paradise giving off a tropical vibe. A rare White Hibiscus shows her beauty. Bellflower (Penstemon) is a native of East Asia and flowers in tiny bells. An Apricot Daylily blooms for the day. Purple Split Leaf Hibiscus. Australian Tree Fern allowing delicate streams of sunlight to pass through. Windmill Palm (Trachwcarpus) an adolescent windmill Palm coming us fast. This African Iris species is known as “Orange drop” with purple striping. You can almost hear this Morning Glory calling the hummingbirds. Yellow Daylilies put on a wind driven ballet. Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina Compacta) changes colors through the seasons. This species of Agapanthus is known as “Midnight cloud burst”. The barely noticeable hammock perfectly framed through the Tree Ferns. This Bird of Paradise showing off its brilliant colors. This Variegated Bronze Flax is known for its well defined leaves. This Lily Turf (Liriope) is native to the Eastern Pacific Rim. This gorgeous Daylily is shining solo. An embarrassment of Daylilies. A gorgeous display of Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum). Pittosporum produces fragrant flowers and is an excellent background plant. A Queen Palm stands out from a grove of Mexican Fan Palms. An exceptionally soft row of Agapanthus. Bird of Paradise at The Grand Resort Apartments.