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The Story of the Grand Resort Apartments Pineapple

The Grand Resort Apartments logo is a pineapple for a reason. Since colonial times pineapples have adorned homes symbolizing hospitality, good cheer, family affection and gracious home gatherings.

In the 17th century the pineapple was so precious and coveted that kings posed for official portraits with them as a symbol of prestige.

Legend has it that sea captains would spear pineapples on their front gate spires to announce their safe return and encourage friends to visit and listen to stories of adventure. Hostesses would display the pineapple to represent the warmth, charm, and style with which guests were welcomed in their homes.

A visual keystone of feasts and friendship, it has become a favorite motif of architects, artisans, and craftsmen.

It is the perfect symbol to represent The Grand Resort Apartments that we are so proud of.